The story of McDonald’s is set to hit the big screen, starring Linda Cardellini and Michael Keaton.

Charting the rise of the fast food restaurant and its transformation into one of the world’s biggest brands, The Founder will tell the story of the company’s star, Ray Kroc, Variety reports.

Kroc, a milkshake salesman joined the company as a franchising agent in 1954 before buying it in 1961. Keaton is set to play Kroc while B.J. Novak and John Carroll Lynch will play the McDonald’s founders and brothers.

Cardellini, who has previously starred in Avengers Age Of Ultron as Hawekeye’s wife Laura Barton, will play the part of Kroc’s third wife, Joan. Kroc and Joan met in 1957 and married in 1969. – AFP Relaxnews