ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Sean Ghazi was sharing a friendly exchange with a Nepali waiter while having a meal in Bangsar a few days after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Kathmandu on April 25.

“I said to him, ‘I’m sorry to hear about the earthquake, how are your family and friends?’ He said, ‘man is okay but house is broken’ and he started to cry,” recalls the singer-actor in an interview with

“That really affected me. Do I help him? Do I give him an angpow? Or do I do what I can in a bigger way and use the platform and friends that I have.”

Ghazi’s Baby Grand Productions is teaming up with Mercy Malaysia to produce a charity concert, Wonderful Tonight. The funds raised will benefit the Nepal Relief Efforts and the Kelantan Flood Relief Fund.

The show, which takes place on June 13 and 14 at Connexion@Nexus Auditorium, Bangsar South, will feature performances by Ghazi as well as special guests Deanna Yusoff, Tony Eusoff and dancer Suhaili Micheline.

Nepalese children pass damaged houses in Bungmati, Kathmandu, which were damaged in the April 25 earthquake. Schools resumed classes on May 31. Photo: EPA

“We tend to get caught up in our own lives and complain about the traffic jam. Having something like this is a way to give back, to stop thinking about me and think about other people,” says Deanna.

Ghazi will be serenading the crowd with both classic English and Malay songs, including those from his album, Semalam. Meanwhile, Deanna and Tony will perform solo and duets in English, Malay and French.

“I hate when you say ‘charity show’ and it’s too depressing. Our job is to entertain and put on a good show. That means light and dark. It’s not going to be all sad songs,” shares Ghazi on the evening’s performances.

Tickets for the show are by donation (a minimum of RM280 and RM380 on June 13 and RM180 on June 14) and are available at or call 03-8080 8700.