My eyes were so sensitive back then. (Doing makeup) we had to stop and start so much. Now, you can literally poke me in the eye with an eyelash curler thirty times, and I won’t feel it.

When it was time to be serious about her future, Fit booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles with her parents’ blessing. “They were just always adamant about my brother and I getting good grades and receiving an education. As long as that was taken care of, we could go off and pursue whatever career we wanted.”

Having had such a solid support system, Fit found life in Los Angeles to be tough as she had only one friend in the city. “But I got into an acting class right away and really tried to stay busy so I wouldn’t miss home too much.”

Her perserverence paid off when she nailed the audition for a role in Zoey 101 back in 2006. “It was one line but it was still a big deal to book my first acting gig,” she says.

As for the audition itself, she recalls that it was held in a bungalow with no air-conditioning and, unfortunately, it was an especially hot day in Los Angeles.

“What I remember most was all the waiting around on set. I hadn’t experienced that yet so I was so confused as to why I couldn’t just say my line and go. Oh, and I also remember getting my makeup done. My eyes were so sensitive back then.

“We had to stop and start so much. Now, you can literally poke me in the eye with an eyelash curler thirty times, and I won’t feel it.”

Fit followed Zoey 101 with guest roles on shows like House MD, Southland, The Middleman, Torchwood and Disney Game On. For a while too – 37 episodes to be precise – she played nanny Mercedes on soap opera General Hospital.

“My Cuban mother was really excited that her daughter was on a soap opera, she watches a lot of Spanish soap operas. It was a great experience. They have to film an episode a day so there’s no time to play around. It’s almost like a training camp – memorisation boot camp. I admire all those actors and the work they put in every day.”

Obviously, not one to sit still in between projects, the petite actress also writes screenplay with her “awesome BFF and writing partner, Cyrina Fiallo”. Back in 2010, she and Fiallo wrote, acted and produced the web-series The Subpranos.

When asked about her proudest moment so far, she answers: “Booking Pitch Perfect 2. Not just because it’s a massive film, but because I feel like everything I’ve learned up to that point helped in making that happen. All the writing, improv, and intense Teen Beach Movie dancing. It just affirms that I’m on the right path.”

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