Boxing legend Mike Tyson has officially joined the cast of the newly announced Ip Man 3 which tells the story of martial arts pro and one-time mentor of Bruce Lee, Ip Man.

While the first two films focused on Ip Man’s early life, this last installment will focus on his master-student relationship with Lee, says Variety.

Tyson is gearing up for a big role in the biopic as a property developer and street fighter. Donnie Yen will also take up his role again as Ip Man and is excepted to have several intense face-offs with Tyson’s character.

Directed by Wilson Yip, the film is tentatively scheduled for release in 3D in the first quarter of 2016.

Produced by Hong Kong-based Pegasus Motion Pictures, the film has a budget of US$36mil (RM129.6mil). – AFP Relaxnews

Ip Man

How will Mike Tyson top this?

Mike Tyson

Um, OK.