Traffic Queen Priscilla Patrick will be helming a rock segment on Sundays on Red FM.

BESIDES providing daily traffic updates, traffic Queen Priscilla Patrick will also helm rock segment, Red Rocks (Sundays, 8pm to midnight), along with Navster on Red FM.

While listeners may know her for her comprehensive traffic reports, she started her nearly 20-year radio career as a radio announcer first.

“Rock is one of the oldest and yet most relevant genre. I have a deep appreciation for this kind music as it is rather expressive and tailor-made,” says Priscilla.

“I am co-hosting the show with Navster, who has introduced me to songs and bands that I may not have heard from the recent era while I have exposed him to some real classic rock bands that started it all; like the ones I adore – The Doors, CCR, INXS, Bruce Sprinsteen, Queen and others,” she adds.

Meanwhile, co-host Navster is thrilled about the collaboration: “It’s an honour to be able to work with Priscilla. I’ve been listening to her on radio since young. And when I started off on radio, she gave me the opportunity to be a traffic news presenter. Now, we will be hosting the show together,” says Navster.

The four-hour show features segments such as Rock By Region where listeners get a taste of rock music from different countries; Rock@TheMovies features songs from film soundtracks; This Week In Rock History is a walk down memory lane; and there will be songs from a featured Rock Band/Artist for the week.

To catch Red Rocks, tune in to Red FM at 104.9FM in the Klang Valley and 98.1FM in Penang. For more information, visit

Red FM, Suria FM and Capital FM are giving away 40 passes to Thriller The Musical. The musical will take place at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, on March 19.

Keep an ear out for the contests running on Red FM’s Sound Snap, Suria FM’s Bunyi Gitar and Capital FM’s The Jam Break.

In Sound Snap, just guess the sound in an audio clip played correctly while in Bunyi Gitar, Adibah Noor and Baki Zainal will play a guitar riff from a song and listeners have to identify the song’s title and the artiste who sang it.

In The Jam Break, just be the first caller to correctly name the title of a Michael Jackson song played. For more information, visit, and