The cast of King Of Mahjong.

The Chinese New Year comedy raked in the surprising box-office number in just 11 days!

King Of Mahjong, which opened on Feb 26, won big during Malaysia’s second wave of Chinese New Year flicks.

The locally-produced comedy took only 11 days to collect RM4mil at the Malaysian box office, beating other festive flicks like Sandra Ng’s 12 Golden Ducks, Kara Wai’s Kungfu Taboo, and Ha Yu’s ATM. King Of Mahjong is currently still playing in Malaysian cinemas. 

Filmed mainly in Ipoh, Perak with a few scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, King Of Mahjong also managed to rake in close to SG$800,000 (RM2.13mil) at the Singaporean box office in just 18 days.

The story revolves around the rivalry between a pair of mahjong enthusiasts Ah Fatt (Chapman To) and Ah Soon/Huang Tian Ba (Mark Lee). To portrays a mahjong champion who had gone into retirement after his wife disappeared, while Lee plays a 10-time mahjong champion who is desperate for a rematch with To's character.

To thank members of the media, the movie’s producers held a celebratory luncheon last week, attended by Hong Kong actors To and Venus Wong, Singapore actor Lee, Malaysian film director Adrian Teh and actors Adrian Tan, Lenna Lim and Tommy Kuan.

With such an energetic run, King Of Mahjong looks set replace The Wedding Diary 2 (RM4.3mil) as local director Teh’s highest-grossing movie in Malaysia.

Does King Of Mahjong’s success mean there will be a sequel or another CNY comedy? Hong Kong star To revealed, “In July this year, the same cast members will reunite to shoot another comedy, but it will not be a sequel.” 

Teh added, “It may not necessarily be a CNY release either, although we haven’t actually decided.”

Despite the promising box office collection of King Of Mahjong, To and Lee maintained that they would not be raising their fees for their next collaboration together. Lee said: “Money is important, but like-minded people are hard to come by. This group of people have been fun to work with, and that is very rare in the entertainment industry.” 

To agreed, saying: “This has been an enjoyable collaboration. If the box office is really good, I’ll be back to shoot one CNY flick every year.”

To, who had previously said that he would buy a house in Malaysia if the movie makes RM5mil, joked that he would go on to buy a second house if the box office receipts hit RM7mil.