Chilam Cheung talks about his famous Triumph In The Skies role.

CAPTAIN Jayden Koo, aka Captain Cool, has got to be the most talked-about role Hong Kong heartthrob Chilam Cheung has ever played.

The flirtatious pilot from Hong Kong TVB series Triumph In The Skies 2 (2013) received so much love from viewers around the region that it even clinched him several My Favourite TVB Male Character awards at Hong Kong’s 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards, Singapore’s Starhub 2013, and our own TVB Star Award Malaysia 2013.

Directed by Wilson Yip and Matt Chow, the film adaptation of Triumph In The Skies is a spin-off from the smash-hit TVB series and is one of the most highly-anticipated Chinese New Year movies from Hong Kong this year.

Apart from Cheung, the film also stars Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Francis Ng, Charmaine Sheh, Oceane Zhu and Taiwanese singer-actress Amber Kuo as Captain Cool’s spunky love interest Kika.

With the movie doing so well at the Hong Kong box office, Cheung might be reprising the role in a sequel soon.

“There’s lots more to explore in terms of romance and relationships,” mused the dashing singer-actor, who was in town with co-star Charmaine Sheh last week to promote the movie, which was filmed on location in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and England.

The charismatic star, who is also filming an adaptation of the popular TVB series Return Of The Cuckoo (2000) this year, answered five questions about his most famous role.

Is there any difference between the Captain Cool in the TVB series and the one in the movie?

There isn’t much of a difference. He’s basically the same guy. The movie is set a few years after the series. In the TV version, he was piloting a commercial aircraft. The movie version opens with him piloting a private jet. So, there is a slight difference in his job.

There are lots of interesting new characters in the movie. If you could choose to play someone else other than Captain Cool, who would it be?

I’d like to try Sammi Cheng’s character. TM is a rock star. That’s so cool. I’ve never played one before. It should be fun.

If there is a sequel, which actress would you like to play Captain Cool’s love interest?

Since Captain Cool is such a flirty fellow, he is unlikely to remain committed to one woman. So, it will have to be someone new. Given a choice, (popular South Korean actresses) Jun Ji-hyun or Song Hye-kyo. I watch a lot of Korean soaps, so I really love their performances.

Captain Cool has a scene with his thrill-seeking lover Kika in the bathtub. That scene reportedly took eight hours to film, so you were both soaking in the tub until your skin went all wrinkly. How awkward was that?

That scene may appear to be romantic, but filming it was anything but. There were too many technical issues to deal with, especially shattered glass, since we had to clink our champagne glasses for the scene. Plus, it was cold and tiring, so we just wanted to complete the shoot in the best possible way. Fortunately, Amber Kuo is very energetic and very easy to work with.

How do you stay in shape for such scenes?

When it comes to staying in shape for this movie, I’ve to say that I’m very envious of Louis Koo. He told me that he didn’t work out at all. Moreover, he indulged in supper every night. I guess people’s bodies are all different and we each have our own way of keeping fit. Fortunately for me, the shoot came right after my concert, so I was already quite fit. Otherwise, it would have been quite tough.

Triumph In The Skies takes off in cinemas today.