Khir Rahman, Sein Qudsi and Aqasha make a documentary about a haunted building

LOCAL film fans might know Khir Rahman, Sein Qudsi and Aqasha as actors. But for their latest project Bangunan, a documentary built on the premise of a haunted building, the trio wants viewers to know that they were not acting. There were no special effects either.

According to Khir, whatever one sees in Bangunan is for real. So much so, the documentary doesn’t have a director or a script.

“In the credits, Sein and I refer to ourselves as editors, while Aqasha is in charge of the audio,” said Khir during Bangunan’s screening in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

The idea to shoot Bangunan came about when the three men were researching material for another film titled Garang.

But when Khir and Sein heard about how a disappearance of two different individuals was linked to a building, they decided to assemble a crew to uncover the mystery behind it.

The result is a documentary featuring interviews with friends of the missing individuals as well as – what Khir claimed to be – genuine creepy CCTV footages from the building.

“We got really deep into the research of this building that we decide to put production for Garang on hold and just focus on making Bangunan as a movie on its own,” Sein explained.

Somehow they got in touch with the owner of the building and were able to obtain permission to shoot a documentary there.

“We have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the owner and promise not to reveal the location of the building as well as any images of companies operating there.”

As the trio had no prior experience dealing with supernatural elements, they enlisted the help of a friend Yusran Hashim.

Khir explained that Yusran had the necessary “experience and knowledge” to help his production crew should they encounter anything strange on location.

At this point of the interview, they were not very forthcoming on what it was that Yusran could actually do.

Khir simply referred to Yusran as a medium between the living and the damned.

Rather sketchily, Khir recalled that Yusran was able to help when an unwanted incident happened to a crew member during filming.

Again, Khir refused to elaborate on the matter but shared that when Yusran asked him to stop filming, Khir decided to call a halt to all further shooting.

“We couldn’t go on,” said Khir.

“But then, we realised that we didn’t have enough footage for a 90-minute film, so we decided to shoot a short horror film and include it in the final cut of Bangunan.”

He said the purpose of Bangunan is to show that we are not alone.

As to whether Khir and his crew would explore the building again, never say never was their answer. For now, they would go back to developing Garang, a fictional horror film.

The burning question remained: is the unidentified building still operating today? Khir said: “Yes.” When we gasped at his answer, he added: “Ya, memang jahanam (Yes, it’s awful).”

Is it a hoax or for real? Go check out Bangunan, showing in cinemas now, and decide for yourself.