Life is full of lots of ups and downs (sic).

If you’re older than 30 then you might remember a time when Tommy Page was all the rage. You would have been a teenager then, listening to his famous song – Shoulder To Cry On – over and over and over again (whether voluntarily or not, does not matter here).

Page is now 45 years old and pretty much a big shot at a company called Pandora Internet Media; previously, he was the publisher of Billboard magazine.

Tommy Page, the man who doesn't age.

Yes, that’s right. The boy who once sang all those sappy songs that our local radio stations loved to play on repeat, used to be the publisher of Billboard.

This weekend, Page is set to perform at Singapore’s Fort Canning Park alongside All-For-One and Color Me Badd in the Retrolicious 2015 concert. Dubbed the “loved-up” edition of Retrolicious, the concert will kick off at 8pm.

For the benefit of those who are too young to know who Page is, here are some of his hits. Well, actually, he only really had one big international hit (Shoulder To Cry On)…