It's time for everyone to get into the festive mood!

No matter where you go now, you’ll be greeted with Chinese New Year decorations of shiny goats and fluffy sheep, complemented by lively festive lunar music.

So, if you are shopping for some “dong dong qiang” music to get into the festive mood at home, here’s a collection of this year’s made-in-Malaysia, karaoke-style Chinese New Year (CNY) albums to usher in auspicious energies for a prosperous new year.

1. Xi Qi Yang Yang Guo Hao Nian (Brand New Happiness For The Year Of The Goat)

Artistes: 988 announcers — Cassey, Athena, Jason, KK, Sam, Cheryl, Anson, Hau Min and Piao Ming

This seventh CNY album from Star Radio Group features four newly composed festive tunes including You Fu Qi (Blessings In Everything), Cantonese track Chun Fung Man Seung Sui Dik Nim (Spring Breeze Kisses) and CNY movie My Papa Rich theme song Xin Nian Xiao Xin Yuan (A Little Wish For The New Year). 

There is also an eight-minute sing-along medley of nine popular CNY songs.

2. Red Red People Red Red Year

Artistes: RED People

Formed by Namewee a little more than a year ago, this group of 16 trend-setting online personalities released their first Chinese New Year album last month. 

Songs include original festive compositions for the Year Of The Goat like Qi Dong Qiang and Meh Meh Meh.

3. Xin Nian Hao Karaoke (Happy New Year Karaoke)

Artistes: Nick and Stella Chung

This popular local brother-and-sister act presents eleven traditional festive tunes including Xin Nian Hao (Happy New Year) and Fa Cai (Get Rich) as well as solo tracks Fu Xing Gao Zhao (Lucky Stars Are Shining Brightly) by Nick, and Stella’s Bao Zhu Yi Sheng Da Di Chun (The Sound Of Firecrackers Signal The Return Of Spring).

4. Xin Chun Jia Qi (Lunar New Year Rendezvous)

Artistes: M-Girls — Crystal Ong, Angeline Khoo, Cass Chin, Queenzy Cheng

Having released CNY albums as a group since 2001, this is the fourteenth CNY album by these four girls. Unusual tracks include Fu Gui Nian 2015 (Prosperous Year 2015), English tune Happy CNY, Hokkien song Huat Dua Zai (Make Big Money) and the delightfully localised Da Ma Xin Nian Zui Re Nao (A Malaysian New Year Is The Most Boisterous).

5. Cai Shen Bao Bei He Xin Sui (Little Prosperity Deities Celebrate The New Year)

Artistes: Twin Girls (Titi and Gigi) and Golden Phoenix (Feng Er and Huang Er)

For those curious to know what fate has in store for them in the Year Of The Goat, this collaborative effort by these two young singing duos also features three separate segments telling the fortunes for all twelve zodiac signs. 

Songs include Xin Nian Rock & Roll (New Year Rock & Roll), Xing Fu Nian (A Happy New Year) Zhen Xi Lai Lin De Yi Nian (Treasure The Coming Year).

6. Yang Guang He Sui Xing Fu Nian (Sunny Celebration Of A Happy New Year)

Artistes: Sunny Angels — Do Do, Re Re, Mi Mi

This bubbly trio will cheer you up with a dozen festive tracks including Chun Tian Lai Le (Spring Is Coming), Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) and Da Jia Gong Xi (Congratulations To Everybody).

7. Qian Jin Fu Gui Ying Xin Nian (Golden Princesses Welcome A Prosperous New Year)

Artistes: Golden Princess — Qian Er, Jin Er, Le Er, Jia Er

Another cute quartet bringing a dozen upbeat tracks including Good Luck Gong Xi Fa Cai (Good Luck, and Wishing You A Prosperous New Year), Cai Shen Dao (The God Of Wealth Cometh) and Gong Xi Gong Xi (Congratulations! Congratulations!).

8. Xin Chun Shi Fen Jia Nian Hua (Lunar New Year Fiesta)

Artistes: Q-Genz — Miko, Veron, Joanne

Ring in the new year with this fresh-faced trio performing 11 tracks including Cai Shen Wa Wa (Fortuna Dolls), Bao Bao Guo Xin Nian (Babies Celebrating The New Year), and Gong Xi Xin Chun Tian Mi Mi (Congratulations On A New Spring As Sweet As Honey).

9. 2015 Hua Sheng Qun Xing Da Bai Nian Chang Chu Yi Ge Hao Xin Nian (2015 Chinese Voices Delivering Well-Wishes And Singing For An Awesome New Year)

Artistes: Various artistes

A group of veteran singers get into the festive mood with 16 tracks including an auspicious CNY medley: He Xin Nian Ying Cai Shen (Celebrating The New Year And Welcoming The God Of Wealth), Cai Yuan Gun Gun (Wealth Comes Rolling In), Ge Chang Ying Xin Nian (Singing A Song To Welcome The New Year) and Cai Shen Dao Wo Jia (The God Of Wealth Arrives At My Home).