It’s the Grammy edition!

The popular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, is back!

In a nod to the Grammy Awards that is happening this Sunday in the United States (Monday morning in Malaysia), talk show host Jimmy Kimmel rounded up some of today’s top artistes to read mean tweets about themselves.

A few of the tweets are rude – don’t worry, cuss words and derogatory terms are censored/bleeped in the video – and almost all of them are mean. The Drake/Voldermort comparison is pretty funny, though.

Also, Gangnam Style singer Psy's comeback is awesome.

You can watch the clip on the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.

From a One Direction fan, obviously.

But Iggy Azalea's moles make her look cute!

Ariana Grande could hardly read the whole tweet. So cute!

We're still laughing at this.