Check out this new festive album from the folks at 988. 

With the year of the Wood Goat just round the corner, and also in keeping with tradition, local Chinese radio station 988 has released another brand new Chinese New Year album.

Titled Xi Qi Yang Yang Guo Hao Nian (Brand New Happiness For The Year Of The Goat), the album is 988’s seventh CNY release. Included in the album are four new compositions and an eight-minute karaoke-style medley of nine festive tunes.

The songs are sung by nine of 988’s announcers: Cassey Soo, Athena Tan, Jason Poon, KK Wong, Sam Mak, Cheryl Lee, Anson Kow, Ng Hau Min and Wang Piao Ming.

KK, who has participated in the production of all seven of 988’s CNY albums, said: “I’ve been doing this since 988’s first CNY album, so I’ve been asked whether I’d be working on the 12th CNY albums so as to complete the Chinese zodiac.

“I’m alright with the idea as CNY albums are fun to produce and they make everyone happy.”

He added: “We shot three music videos and two of them were done under the scorching sun so we were left sunburnt by the end of the day. The first music video was filmed at a fishing village in Kuala Selangor and the second at i-City, where we had fun at the many attractions like the wax museum, the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. The third music video was less taxing as we lounged indoors shooting a steamboat scene at a restaurant in KL.”

Danny One, who was recently crowned Malaysia’s Best Performer at the 14th Global Chinese Music Awards held in Guangzhou, China, contributed a song to the album.

“This is my second time composing a CNY song so I was really trying my best to get into the festive mood while writing the song in July last year,” said the singer who is known for his hip-hop and rap tunes.

“I wanted to preserve the traditional culture of a festive tune while infusing an upbeat modern pop feel to it. I worked with May so it was quite fast as we had many discussions before we started.”

In the mood: 988 deejays (from left) Cassey Soo, Athena Tan, Jason Poon, KK Wong, Sam Mak, Cheryl Lee, Anson Kow, Ng Hau Min and Wang Piao Ming contributed their talents to the station’s Chinese New Year album.

Mandarin track Xin Nian Xiao Xin Yuan (A Little Wish For The New Year) features lyrics penned by writer/director Ryon Lee and doubles as the theme song for his movie My Papa Rich, which is set to hit local cinemas on Feb 19.

988 is the media partner for the lunar new year flick as it also stars a bunch of Star Radio Group announcers including Chan Fong, Cheryl, May and Piao Ming as well Red FM’s JJ Fernandez and Suria FM’s Bob Ringgo.

Lee, who was the screenwriter for the all-time top-grossing Malaysian movie The Journey, said Xin Nian Xiao Xin Yuan was his first attempt at writing lyrics for a CNY tune.

“I’ve been asked many times to write songs, but I’ve never attempted to do so before. But this is a year I’m trying many new things. I’ve filmed my first CNY movie, shot my first CNY music video, penned the lyrics to my first CNY song,” Lee said.

“Since the theme of My Papa Rich is essentially about reunion and family togetherness, I wrote the lyrics to reflect this. And, I did it in Taiwan last August while monitoring the post-production stages of the movie.

Xin Nian Xiao Xin Yuan was inspired by the old man in the movie who made a simple wish for all his family members to return home for a cosy family reunion dinner,” mused the film director, whose own family gathers in Penang for a steamboat reunion dinner every year.

Fans can get their hands on this brand new CNY album via roadshows, radio contest giveaways and from Super White Coffee instant beverage, Best Western i-City Hotel and i-City theme park.

Upcoming roadshow will be held at Putrajaya on Feb 1 (2pm); Gurney Paragon, Penang on Feb 7 (5pm); Ipoh Parade on Feb 8 (3pm); i-City Shah Alam on Feb 18 (10pm).

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