Indian stars come together to celebrate one another at the SICA Awards 2015

The next time an international awards show is held in Malaysia, the organisers should totally consider including the Most Patient Audience Member award category. Just saying.

Technical glitches, microphone hoggers, cramped seating arrangements and one heck of a butt-cramping long show were the order of the night at the South Indian Cinematographers Association (SICA) Awards 2015 last Saturday.

If it sounds bad on paper, just imagine how it would have been for the thousands of people who braved the crazy traffic to reach Stadium Negara in time for the 7pm show which started about an hour later.

However, whatever irritation and annoyance the audience members felt earlier that night, totally disappeared the moment the show began.

Actor Suriya deserves an award for showing up early to the SICA Awards at Stadium Negara on Saturday.

Yes, put on a thumping dance track and get some talented dancers to shake what their mamas gave them to distract the audience from remembering that they were close to killing each other moments ago. This trick works like magic all the time.

Anyway, to be fair, the SICA Awards 2015 wasn’t all that bad. Where else would we get the opportunity to see so many talented and amazing South Indian stars under one roof?

The excitement was contagious and the energy level was simply off the charts especially when movie stars like Suriya Sivakumar, Dhanush, Sivakartikeyan, Tammannah, Kajal Agarwal and Vikram walked into the arena.

Of course, the biggest cheers and loudest shouts were reserved for living legend Kamal Haasan when he entered the venue, with much difficulty as fans scrambled to take selfies with him.

Even multi-talented actor Prakash Raj, who was on stage to receive the Best Supporting Actor award (Telugu) had to pause his acceptance speech and let the fans retrieve their lost marbles.

Fans had to wait patiently before any of the stars got on stage to address them, but of course, they had plenty of song-and-dance sequence to entertain them until then.

There really wasn’t a shortage of performances at the SICA Awards.

Even local Indian artistes had the opportunity to showcase their talent at this international event. OG Dass and Coco Nantha gave a memorable performance of their hit song Kathaiyeh Illeh, which even got actress Tammannah to dance in her seat.

This is the first time the SICA Awards was held outside of India. The awards aims to promote unity among Indian cinematographers and provide welfare assistance to their families. SICA also promotes transfer of knowledge to young and upcoming cameramen and technicians.

The SICA Awards is decided by a panel of jury and is managed by cinematographers who are held in high esteem in the Indian entertainment scene.

Multiple award-winning actress Suhasini Mani Ratnam, shared the story of how she became the first female SICA member decades ago.

“He was the one who told me to take up cinematography, and learn the tricks of the trade. He even paid for the registration fee,” said Suhasini as she pointed to Kamal Haasan, who clapped and laughed at her admission.

Suhasini went on to tell about the difficulties of working as a cinematographer and said that, cameramen are some of the most brutally honest people in the entertainment industry.

“They will look at you and just say what’s on their minds. From ‘that make up looks terrible on you’ to ‘you have put on weight’, they are not afraid to speak their minds,” she said with a laugh.

Fans finally got what they came for when the prominent stars finally found their way on stage and gave their acceptance speeches.

Dhanush won the Best Actor award for his performance in Vellai Illa Patthatari and Sivakartikeyan took home the Youth Icon of the Year title. The Best Actress award went to Andrea Jasmine and Paradesi won the Best Movie award.

Kamal Haasan received the Lifetime Achievement award alongside S. A. Rajkumar and Kutty Padmini.

The best moment of the show, however, has to be when all the stars gathered on stage for a group photo and the event finally ended.