Artistes who gave something different this year.

Jack White

THE only time Jack White (pic) would be OK with the idea of being dull is probably when he is sleeping. Lazaretto is full of fast, gritty tracks done with much gusto in White’s signature manic style. He tackles every possible genre from blues to country and then good ol’ folk rock – telling listeners that rock is not dead. It’s very much alive in White’s unorthodox yet wonderful world.Angelin Yeoh

Lana Del Rey

IT’S a rebellion of sorts. While her contemporaries were chasing production bombast, Lana Del Rey let her lyrical pursuit of vintage Americana, twisted feminism and menaced romance preside over minimal somnambulant instrumentations. The cinematic record is strangely understated, yet strongly ambitious. Above all, the evocative songstress single-handedly revived pop melancholia. — Chester Chin

Ben Watt

BRITISH musician Ben Watt’s amazing career resume – one half of Everything But The Girl, deejay, label owner and author – just gets better with time. This solo record, his first in more than 30 years, comes from a side of Watt that’s always been there but is seldom seen.

On Hendra, Watt makes a return to his folk roots. This 52-year-old has really grown into his own voice and pitches his intimate writing perfectly, while looking back on the road travelled with certain melancholy. — Daryl Goh

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