Meet the girl who shared a screen with Grumpy Cat and loved it.

When teen actress Megan Charpentier was accepted to act in Lifetime original comedy movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, she was on top of the moon.

“I auditioned for the role and when I got it, I was super psyched. We did a whole week of rehearsals before filming, and after reading the script, I was genuinely interested and thought it was very interesting,” said Charpentier in an e-mail interview from Vancouver, Canada.

It also provided her with the opportunity to work with the Grumpy Cat, the world famous feline sensation.

For those who aren’t in the loop, the Grumpy Cat (whose real name is Tardar Sauce) is an Internet meme sensation with over six million Facebook friends.

The Arizona-based cat, which has a form of dwarfism where her face yields a perpetual frown, has also graced the cover of New York magazine, appeared on American Idol (not as a contestant!) and the MTV Movie Awards.

The movie follows the infamous Grumpy Cat (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) and her sour outlook on the holidays.

The feline furball lives in a shopping mall pet shop, and is the cat that never gets bought or adopted, until a 12-year-old girl named Chrystal (played by Charpentier) falls in love with her.

The two develop a unique friendship because Chrystal is the only one who can communicate with the cat.

Ultimately, Grumpy Cat foils the kidnapping of an expensive exotic dog and rescues Chrystal after the mall closes at Christmas. In this comedy, will Grumpy Cat learn the true meaning of Christmas, or will it be in Grumpy’s words: “Worst. Christmas. Ever.” 

The comedy co-stars Daniel Roebuck, Russell Peters and David Lewis. 

Charpentier, 13, has propelled herself into the limelight, having acted in 2013 horror film Mama and 2012 action horror Resident Evil: Retribution. Grumpy Cat is a refreshing change from her earlier roles, and Charpentier admits she likes to try out different roles to showcase her versatility.

“I’m a fan of action and humour. Resident Evil and Mama are both horror films; there were more freaky drama scenes on set. In Grumpy Cat, I had a chance to work on my own stunts which was lots of fun,” said the Canadian actress, who started acting in commercials at the age of three.

Regarding her preparation for different roles, she said: “If a character is based on a true character, I will do a lot of research on that person. But if it’s a fictional character, I would bring a bit of me into each character that I play with different dimensions.

“For Chrystal, I portrayed her as someone who is insecure, who wants friends. Based on personal experience, I had trouble making friends and I know what it’s like. 

Charpentier aspires to work with acclaimed movie directors such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Paul Greengrass on day. 

As for advice for children who are interested in acting, Charpentier said: “Keep trying. It might not work out the first time and you may not get the parts you hoped for, but never give up. Eventually you will get there. Don’t stop.”

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premieres on Sunday (Dec 21) at 7.30pm on Lifetime/Astro Ch 709.