The Bollywood icon is filming a movie with Deepika Padukone in the city.

It was a case of “returning home” for Amitabh Bachchan when he arrived in the city of Kolkata in India to shoot his latest film, Piku, recently.

According to reports, Amitabh revealed that he moved to Kolkata in the 1960s from his hometown Allahabad to earn a living. He survived on a monthly salary of Rs600 (RM32 today) for some time before leaving to pursue a career in acting in Bombay, now called Mumbai.

The Bollywood star, who is 71 years old, was spotted pedalling through the streets of Kolkata on a bicycle wearing a pink kurta, shooting scenes for director Shoojit Sircar’s movie. He stars opposite Deepika Padukone – who plays his daughter – in Piku. The movie is set to open in April next year.

Deepika Padukone

Meanwhile, Deepika recently said in interviews that she is happy that biopics on sports personalities are becoming trendy in Bollywood. However, she did ask the question: “… why do we have to wait for a movie to learn more about the sportsperson or sport? It just shows that we don’t encourage our athletes enough.”

Deepika’s father, Prakash, is regarded as a legend in India for his achievements in badminton. — Source: Astro BollyOne HD