988 FM, The Star’s sister radio station, posed some rapid fire questions to Lee Min-ho and got some pretty hilarious answers – in between jovial laughter – from the leading man.

Out of the three, which do you like most about yourself and why: Your smile, long legs or voice?

Long legs. I think they always work as an advantage for an actor to have long legs and be very tall. Even when I’m standing next to any actresses, I could have the ideal height differences with them and that works in displaying a dependable man.

What do you prefer to do if you have a day off, and why? Sleep, family gathering or friends gathering?

Well, I’ll take a nap at home and then meet my family and my friends together. That’s probably my ideal day.

Which Chinese artiste can you think of right now?

Andy Lau. I’ve never met him before, but I grew up watching a lot of his movies.

Which Malay phrase do you think means “I miss you”? “Saya cinta padamu”, “Selamat datang” or “Saya rindu padamu”?

Isn’t “Saya cinta padamu”, “I love you” in Malay? It’s the second one? Wait, third one!

Which of the following characters would you like to try out in a drama or movie? A cold-blooded killer, a playboy or a kung-fu fighter?

A playboy. Well, only because I’m not like that in real life and through acting, I would love to be one.

What annoys you the most and why? Lack of sleep, hunger or not bathe for a few days?

All three will really annoy me. I think I’ll be really pissed if I can’t do any of the three. I can’t rank them.

Do you still recall the name of the female lead in Personal Preference? Geum Jan-di, Yoo Eun-soo or Park Kae-in?

This is too easy. It’s Park Kae-in.

Which of the following massage do you like most? Foot, shoulder or body?

Depends on the occasion, but I generally like a foot massage because it feels great.

What do you do when you’re relaxing on a massage chair? Read a book, take a nap or listen to music?

I listen to music across all genres and then just drift away without any thoughts in my head.

Which hairstyle from your drama series do you like most? The character from Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs or Faith?

It’s not the one that I like the most, but the hairstyle in Boys Over Flowers was really impactful and remains in my memory no matter how long time has passed.

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