‘Tis the season to be spooked out in the cinemas.

When it comes to horror movies, our local filmmakers sure do have a pretty good idea of how to send the chills up our spine. Here are the trailers for three titles that are set for a release soon in Malaysia.

Mistik Syirik Tahyul

The poster notes that this movie features five horror tales all told in one neat package. Unfortunately, there’s not much information given on what the five stories are about.

Directed by M. Subash Mannan, the guy who helmed the award-winning film Pensil in 2008, Mistik, Syirik Tahyul is set to open on Oct 16. It stars the talented Mak Jah and Khatijah Tan, as well as Sura Sojangi, Sundraju, Naqia Nasution, Yasmin Khanif, Zakri Rozaini, Amethyst Leong, Cecilia Yan and the late Kalpana Sundraju, who passed away in August.

This movie is distributed by RenBash Entertainment.

Dendam Orang Mati

Annabelle's cousin, maybe?