Rocker signs on to movie for opportunity to work with director Kabir Bhatia.

Isn’t it obvious?” responded director Kabir Bhatia when asked what sets Dollah Superstar apart from the sea of gangster-themed flicks flooding the cinemas.

Members of the media had just been treated to an exclusive screening of the movie, and judging by the hearty laughters and animated cheers, there certainly is something special.

Kabir Bhatia is the man behind the camera of Dollah Superstar.

Dollah Superstar zeroes in on the life of veteran gangster Dollah, played by rocker-turned-actor Awie, who harbours dreams of becoming an actor.

He bumps into flamboyant film actor Shah Dazzle (Sharnaaz Ahmad) during a jewelry heist one day and the two strike a deal: Dollah prepares Shah to fight like a gangster for his role in an upcoming action film and Dollah gets a part in the movie.

“We are taking a gangster out of his realm of comfort and bringing him into the film industry. And this is no ordinary gangster; acting is his passion. He wants to change but he doesn’t know how,” said Kabir on the film’s uniqueness.

“So the first half sees him creating chaos on the set because that’s what he does and that’s all he knows and at the second half, he goes through a transformation.”

Meanwhile, Awie, who is in the leading role as a gangster for the first time, revealed he had been offered such roles in the past.

Perhaps, part of the reason he signed on for Dollah Superstar had to do with the opportunity to work with Kabir, who is best known for his work in the film and television series Nur Kasih.

“When he doesn’t know something, he asks, for instance, on questions pertaining to gangsters in Malaysia that he isn’t familiar with. He is not arrogant. That’s why I enjoy working with him,” Awie praised the director.

Other notable names in the comedy-action flick include Fizz Fairuz, who plays Dollah’s best friend, Neelofa, who plays Shah’s unfaithful girlfriend and special appearances by Datin Paduka Umie Aida, who plays Dollah’s crush.

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