Plus, other updates on your favourite Hallyu celebrities.

The Heirs star Kim Woo-bin suffered a knee injury during the filming of his upcoming movie, Twenty. His agency said that the actor will be taking a few days off to recover.

Kim recently finished filming The Technicians, and is currently participating in the movie Twenty, which follows the lives of three 20-year-old men.

Fans shouldn’t be too worried — after all, even actor Lee Seung-gi returned unscathed after being poked in the eye with a fake knife prop during the filming of You’re All Surrounded.

Pumped-up kicks

It’s no secret that K-pop stars often resort to using heel inserts to appear taller. The all-time popular Girls’ Generation, however, may have redefined the practice altogether.

Group member Sunny revealed that the girls have been using heel inserts to look taller, with some members using up to three heel inserts at a time.

“I once twisted my leg when I was dancing on stage. Even tall members use heel inserts to look better,” she said.

“Then the real problem began,” she added. “If tall members used one heel insert, members of medium height started using two, then short members like me, Tae-yeon, Hyo-yeon, Jessica and Tiffany had to use three heel inserts. There are lots of side effects. We can’t tie our shoes properly and our ankles are overly exposed.” 

Boys in the hood   

With boy band Winner making waves with the debut single Empty, YG Entertainment has announced that it would soon unveil yet another trainee boy band survival programme, Mix & Match, in hopes of launching more hunky talents.

This comes one year after the agency aired its hugely popular WIN: Who Is Next? reality show, where the boys of Winner, originally called Team A, battled it out with Team B trainees. We know who won on that show.

Mix & Match, premiering Sept 11, will apparently feature all the members of the previous Team B (B.I., Bobby, Gu Jun-hoe, Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyeong and Kim Dong-hyuk) and three new YG trainees.

As the title of the upcoming show suggests, based on the skills and abilities of the contestants, the members will be mixed and matched into various teams with the goal of creating YG’s newest boy band.

Facing the music

News of top actress Song Hye-kyo (pic above) in a recent tax evasion scandal has certainly shocked many of her fans. The timing was especially unfavourable for Song, who was set to promote her new movie, My Brilliant Life.

However, she has publicly apologised in the media. She admitted it was a big mistake and said she regretted that she disappointed many people.

“It resulted because of my ignorance and carelessness. I wasn’t sure if I should appear before the public or not and if doing an interview was the right thing to do,” said Song.

As they say, there’s always a first for everything; until now, the veteran actress had maintained a clean-cut reputation throughout her 17-year career.

In another first, Song will be playing a mother to a 16-year-old boy in My Brilliant Life.

Secret romance

When it comes to his love life, T.O.P. from Big Bang said that he’d rather keep it a secret. The actor and singer, also known as Choi Seung-hyun, commented on this in an article in style magazine High Cut.

“I’d like to go out with somebody but I don’t think I will reveal my relationship to the public. I’ve rarely had a date since I became a singer, and I didn’t even tell the closest people to me. I should think of my partner because people are always interested in public figures. Also, I still want to spend my young days working on my career,” he said. — The Korea Herald/Asia News Network