DJ Fuzz rounds up an interesting bunch of local talents to perform in the Ritma Merdeka music video.

DJ Fuzz’s Merdeka Day-inspired song Ritma Merdeka released last year finally has an official music video.

The track carries messages of unity, peace, harmony and everything else that’s usually featured in almost every Merdeka-themed track, but it is not your typical patriotic number that many of us are used to listening to.

First of all, it’s a hip-hop track. It’s pretty catchy and simple enough to get the tune stuck in your head for days. But we’ve all had Let It Go stuck in our heads for many months so a change is most welcome.

The Ritma Merdeka team: (From left) Iwere, Juzzthin, Stylomannavan, WoShiJay, W.A.R.I.S, DJ Fuzz and Nawi.

Also, the different dialects and languages used within the song make it an amusing one to listen to. You can hear hints of the Negri Sembilan, Kelantan and Penang dialects courtesy of W.A.R.I.S., Iwere and Nawi respectively, while Indian rapper WoShiJay lays out his lines in Mandarin. Rounding things up are Juzzthin who does his part in English and Stylomannavan who raps in Tamil.

While this isn’t a brand new concept, it is still interesting and one that definitely speaks to the colourful and united people of Malaysia.

The lyrics to the track – yes, even the parts in Mandarin and Tamil – are laid out on the official video’s page on YouTube.