The darling of country music performed a knock out show in Jakarta, Indonesia last week. 

Picture a slumber party with some of your girlfriends. Now, picture the same thing with 8,000 other people in attendance and the party hosted by one of the hottest singers today, Taylor Swift.

That was exactly the scene at Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta last week, at Swift’s maiden concert in the Indonesian capital. Jakarta was one of Swift’s seven Asian dates for her critically-acclaimed The Red Tour.

Days leading to the concert, there were concerns about the over-issuing of tickets to the show and true enough at the arena on the day itself, there were seats that were double-booked.

But all the jostling and arguing was put aside the minute Swift’s silhouette appeared on a large red curtain at 8.30pm when the singer launched into her first number, State Of Grace.

Taylor Swift performing in Shanghai, China last month. Will this be one of the outfits she wears for her Kuala Lumpur gig?

Unavailable seats were forgotten because everyone stood up … actually, they started jumping up and down the second the curtain was lifted to reveal a svelte Swift clad in a fitted white blouse, short shorts and red rhinestoned shoes. Swift looked fresh with a new shoulder-length hairstyle and side-swept bangs.

Although she started the show with a lesser-known number, Swift quickly picked up the pace with crowd favourites such as RedMean, 22 and I Knew You Were Trouble.

Even in a venue that big, Swift managed to make the concert an intimate affair. Part of it was thanks to a second smaller stage erected at the centre of the stadium where Swift would perform hits such as Fifteen and You Belong With Me acoustic style.

you belong with me from kylezhu2009 on Vimeo.

The main stage itself was spectacular – it had a red-and-white-lit staircase, not unlike the famous one at Times Square in New York City, flanked by two smaller ones. And then there was the jumbo screen to ensure everyone (yes, even those in the nosebleed section) in the stadium had a clearer view of Swift’s many animated expressions.

However, it was her constant interaction with the fans that made the concert a truly personal affair. This sets her apart from the many singers who perform in this region. While singers are known to rush through their sets (here’s looking at you Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson!), Swift took the time to talk to the Swifties in attendance, giving them anecdotes about the songs she has written, or life in general.

Swift in Saitama, Japan on June 1. – Chris McGrath/TAS/Getty Images 

“If there are moments when you feel like you don’t fit in, just remember it’s not our job to make people like us,” the 24-year-old dished out advice to the fans in the stadium, most of whom were teenage girls.

Her sweet disposition has been a big contributing factor to her popularity; parents are OK with their kids idolising the controversy-free Swift. She writes songs about falling in love, heartbreaks and hanging out with friends. Basically, Swift’s songs are her Dear Diary set to melody.

Playing the guitar (and she brought out several for different songs), banjo and piano, Swift sang with much fervour; her voice was much stronger, she hit every note and was never breathless.

Taylor Swift – Love Story from lala oreiro on Vimeo.

Had she faltered, which didn’t happen, it wouldn’t have mattered to her fans who hung on to her every word, and note, at the 90-minute show. On this balmy night in Jakarta, Swift just could do no wrong.

Backed by a six-piece band, the country singer put on a spectacular show from start to finish, connecting with her audience every step of the way, proving why she’s one of the hottest acts today.

Even for the audience members who aren’t exactly young, Swift’s infectious tunes and high-energy performance that night made us feel like we were, ahem, 22 (ooh, ooh).

She’s got the looks

Fans are in for a visual treat at Taylor Swift’s concert in Kuala Lumpur on June 11 as the singer will wear at least eight different outfits throughout the show.

Some of the outfits have been updated, or changed, from the ones she wore at The Red Tour in the United States last year.

Swift’s tour outfits are designed by the Emmy-award winning costume and wardrobe designer Marina Toybina.

The singer during her Shanghai show on May 30.  

“My goal was to make sure each design told its own story and could serve as a visually beautiful extension to Taylor’s stage presence,” Toybina told The Hollywood Reporter.

> Taylor Swift Live In KL will be held at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil on June 11. The lead sponsor for this show is AIA.