For Peter Dinklage, a role cannot simply be defined as a hero and a villain.

In X-Men: Days Of Future Past, his character – Dr Bolivar Trask – is a scientist who admires mutants, yet he wants to destroy them to make sure mankind survives. Meanwhile, his character in Game Of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister, is a good guy who does bad things to other men and naughty things with women.

“Sometimes, good people make mistakes, and there are smaller acts of heroism every day. That’s what really interest me as a character,” he shared in an interview in Singapore.

The 44-year-old American theorised that Trask envies the mutants for their powers and wishes he had them. “He wants to make it his own, he wants to own Mystique’s power and I think that is completely tragic.”

Being familiar with the X-Men universe, Dinklage was excited when his agent told him director Bryan Singer was interested in casting him in the next X-Men film. “I thought I was going to be asked to play Wolverine. I thought Hugh (Jackman) would bow out and that would give me a chance,” Dinklage said with a grin. “No. But there was a brief moment when I thought, ‘Holy s***! What does he want me to play?’ Or does he just want me to serve coffee on set. Then he called and told me.”

The actor said he’d be too afraid to time travel but if his character from Games Of Thrones travelled to this universe, he ventured a guess that he’d be most fascinated with Mystique. “(Tyrion) would really like to spend some time with Mystique, and not like how Trask wants to. I think Tyrion would have a great time with this group. They’d accept him as one of them, for sure.” – Mumtaj Begum

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