The rapper has just released a new video featuring ninjas, stolen bikes and candy.

Rapper Froggy Fresh returns with a new music video and some awesome beats. Stolen Bikes 2 tells the sad tale of how Froggy Fresh and his friend, Money Maker Mike, have been living without their bicycles for a whole year. Their bikes have been stolen by James, a neighbourhood thug with ninjas as bodyguards.

Froggy Fresh and Mike, tired of going around on their skateboards and not having enough candy (a rare commodity, apparently) to buy back their bikes from James, decide to take matters into their own hands.

So, after strapping on their “bulletproof vests”, they head on over to James’ crib to “fight back”.

Froggy Fresh (right) and Mike get ready for some action.

Ninjas guarding the stolen bikes.

“It’s pink, dude, I ain’t gonna ride that girly ride. It ain’t fair, Mike. I really hate my life.”

The video and lyrics are pretty silly – there’s a hilarious tribute to Popeye and his love for spinach – but the track itself is nice. It’s an old school-style rap and Froggy Fresh does a good job of spitting the beats.

“Friggin’ skateboard, I would rather walk. Do I look like Tony Hawk?” “No.” “That’s what I thought.”

Froggy Fresh, formerly Krispy Kreme, is credited as Tyler Cassidy in some of his tracks but the rapper himself has never actually revealed his true identity.

Although he and his friends have made numerous videos featuring original tracks, the rapper only has one album to date (Money Maker Re-Loaded). However, he is currently working on a sophomore album, which would include Stolen Bikes 2.

Watch the video for Stolen Bikes 2 and enjoy!