The singer, songwriter and music producer is getting a lot of love from fans and critics for his new music.

American musician Jack White (together with Third Man Records) got into the history books last weekend when he made the “world’s fastest studio-to-store” record to commemorate Record Store Day on April 19.

White, formerly of the White Stripes, did a live studio recording of Lazaretto, which is the title track of his upcoming album. That recording was then pressed into a limited edition vinyl, which also included a B-side cover of Elvis Presley's Power Of My Love, on the very same afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee.

Total time of production: Three hours and 21 minutes!

The cover picture of Lazaretto.

On Monday, Lazaretto was posted on White’s official website and his YouTube channel; fans and critics have so far given positive comments on the song. The album is due out on June 10 but you can pre-order it on iTunes now.

Here's the complete tracklist: Three Women, Lazaretto, Temporary Ground, Would You Fight For My Love?, High Ball Stepper, Just One Drink, Alone In My Home, Entitlement, That Black Bat Licorice, I Think I Found The Culprit and Want And Able.