Three Malaysian singers represent the country in a global anthem for the football event.

Singers Ajai, Soo Wincci and Mista G are about to do the nation proud. The local artistes have joined X-Factor finalist David Correy to record the Malaysian version of The World Is Ours – the Coca-Cola global anthem for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

The song, which beautifully marries Correy’s pop vocals with samba, baile funk and technobraga rhythms, is expected to introduce host nation Brazil’s signature music styles to football and music lovers around the world.

“Most people outside Brazil, especially young people, haven’t really experienced Brazilian music. With the infusion of Malaysian vocals, it will become a really multi-cultural musical message for World Cup,” said regional integrated marketing communications and activations for Coca-Cola Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei group manager Yvette Lim.

Soo Wincci


Correy was a finalist in the 2012 X-Factor (US), and during his televised audition, the Brazilian had stated that he wants to reunite with his birth mother, and he eventually did meet her – with the help of a newspaper company in Brazil.

“It’s an amazing honour to work (on this project) and I feel completely connected to what it stands for. I’ve achieved two dreams in my life so far; reuniting with my mother, and getting a record deal with Coca-Cola,” said Correy.

The singer also added that the global anthem resonates with his life and speaks true to his heart. He said: “The first two lines (of The World Is Ours) – ‘Run like you’re born to fly/Live like you’ll never die’ – speak to who I am and all the things I’ve overcome. I feel like everyone will feel what I’ve been through … the pain and also the joy of being and loving who you are.”

X-Factor finalist David Correy recorded The World Is Ours – the Coca-Cola global anthem for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, with Malaysians Ajai, Soo Wincci and Mista G.

Giving the global anthem a little bit of Malaysian flavour is Ajai, whose latest single Aduh has reached over one million views on YouTube, and Soo Wincci, the former Miss Malaysia-turned-singer. Soo’s album Happiness was well received in Malaysia and Taiwan and the singer even released a Bahasa Malaysia album in 2012.

Joining the trio is Mista G, who gained prominence in the Tamil music scene after the release of the chart topper Madal Thiranthu.

The World Is Ours is currently played on local radio stations and the official music video will be launched in May.