DOES anyone even remember how the 2011 film ended? All we remember about that film is there were a lot of explosions, buildings were destroyed, and in the middle of all that, a pretty girl managed to do a lot of posing for a camera only she could see.

Anyway director Michael Bay says goodbye to Shia LaBeouf and casts Mark Wahlberg as an all-American fella doing his best to earn money for his family so he can afford to put his very beautiful daughter (Nicola Peltz of Bates Motel) through college. He does this by collecting junk and then selling it. Well, wouldn’t you know it – one of the old trucks he buys turns out to be a Transformer, one that is out of commission until Walhberg’s character – get this – jumpstarts it.

Figures, only Bay would think of this; or maybe it’s an allegory for getting the franchise going again.

There are a couple of funny scenes too – other than Wahlberg jumpstarting a Transformer, the best one has Stanley Tucci shouting “Oh my God!!!” while mayhem is happening around him.

But any good Transformers film is all about action – and Optimus Prime gets the ball rolling by breaking out of a barn, and then later taking down a Dinobot. Prime’s pals and enemies are featured in the more exciting bits of the trailer. Whatever Bay’s flaws may be in storytelling and character development, he pulls out all the stops when it comes to the action sequences and special effects – once again, all the robots look great and move flawlessly.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is scheduled to open in Malaysia on June 26.