Malaysian-born singer
Issac Dang shows off a
new-found style in his
music video shot in Paris.

FOR 29-year-old Issac Dang, fashion isn’t so much something he is familiar with. He describes himself to be a “T-shirt and jeans kind of person”, where comfort is ultimately seen as most important.

His recent music video, however, shows otherwise.

Shot in Paris, it gives his fans a glimpse of a more refined Dang; a singer who is ready to embody the idea of Parisian chic.

The music video is for his latest single, C’est Pour Cela Que Je T’aime (This Is Why I Love You).

It plays upon the romantic feel of the city, and debuts a man who has since evolved, with his singing career taking off.

In the video, Dang is portrayed as a guy looking for his lost love in Paris.

It was set against some of the more famous attractions of the city, like the Notre Dame, Musee du Louvre and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

A Malaysian, Dang was born in Johor Baru. He was first talent scouted while singing in a Singapore karaoke joint early last year.

He then went on to sing the theme song for Singaporean television host Dasmond Koh’s directorial debut, Timeless Love.

Within a span of a few months, Dang acquired a singing contract from Taiwan.

He proceeded to release his debut album Don’t Cry In May the same year.

In October, he won the Most Potential New Artiste award at the 13th Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA), held in Kuala Lumpur.

C’est Pour Cela Que Je T’aime was released last December.

It will also be included in Dang’s limited edition re-release Music.Fashion.Love, which comprises the single, a 128-page pictorial and a new track, Starry Night.

Dang’s shoot in Paris is set against various famous landmarks of the city

The images seen on this page are included in the pictorial too.

Photographed in the same city as the music video, it shows Dang in brands such as Black Barrett, Gucci, Paul Smith, Agnès b., H&M and Comme des Garçons.

According to Dang, the direction for the fashion shoot is simple and clean, yet with an edge – just like how he wants his music to be.

While it may not be his usual style, he says that he did fall in love with the different looks.

“My latest song is a romantic ballad, but the music arrangement is almost dramatic with a big orchestra backing it.”

“Hence, styling-wise, a little drama was put into the way I was dressed too,” explains Dang, who recently landed an endorsement with Taiwanese handmade soap brand Read Skin.

In one shot, the singer was outfitted in a Comme des Garçons gold printed jacket, layered over a dress-like chiffon tunic.

Dang pointed this out, saying that he instantly loved how that daring look turned out.

He did however adamantly state that he aims to be down-to-earth as much as possible where fashion is concerned.

According to him, he is not a label whore either – and prefers to avoid branded clothing with big logos.

“I guess I’m alright when it comes to dressing up for events and such. That said, I think I have to accept that my life has changed. Being a singer, I do need to be a little dressier.”

He explains: “Music and fashion does go hand in hand.

“To be a good performer, one has to be ready to offer both an audio as well as a visual treat. Looking fashionable is part of my job now.”