Three best friends find themselves at a crucial point in their lives where a relationship is concerned in That Awkward Moment.

Miles Teller, 26

TELLER plays Daniel, a “commitment-phobe”, who uses humour to keep his feelings at bay.

“Daniel’s in a league of his own,” says Teller in the film’s production notes. “He’s looking for love, in a very casual, relaxed way, like bumping into it at a bar. He’s not looking for anything too serious and he lets the girls know that. His attitude seems to make women a little uncomfortable at first, but then they start to like it, and the cat gets the mouse.”

The actor admits he is a little self-critical but this hasn’t stopped him from poking fun at himself. “Vanity is the last thing an actor needs. These guys have flaws. Daniel spends a lot of time with his foot in his mouth. Even though we’re telling girls that we’re being very open, maybe that’s not always the case.”

Zac Efron, 26

“The story allows guys to see their side of the situation and it gives girls a new perspective on relationships. And we all get a chance to laugh at ourselves and our friends in the bargain. I thought it was a really unique idea,” says Efron of the film

His character, Jason, avoids being emotionally attached so he proposes a pact with his friends whereby they stay single, for life, if possible. “(He is) young and carefree. This is (his) chance to do anything without the commitment of a long-term relationship.”

He adds: “Jason is confused and afraid of becoming attached or getting his feelings hurt. And since he was the mastermind behind the pact to begin with, he feels like he needs to live up to it pretty rigorously.”

Michael B. Jordan, 27

We meet Jordan’s character, Mikey, when he splits from his wife. His long-time pals Jason and Daniel are only too happy to welcome him back to the bachelor pack.

“Those guys are great friends to Mikey,” shares Jordan. “But they are not upfront at all with women. They’re not looking for anything too serious. Mikey’s marriage is ending after five years and his friends try to get him back into the dating scene, when really all he wants is to make it work with his wife.”

His favourite scenes are when the guys hang out together. “We are free to just be 20-something guys with all that entails. It’s the locker room talk.”

> That Awkward Moment opens in cinemas nationwide today.