The young artiste gives a subtle, yet impressive, performance.

TAYLOR Swift is known for putting on big, flashy pop spectacles onstage. She went the other direction at the 56th annual Grammy Awards, shooting for a subtle – yet no less powerful – singer-songwriter moment.

The result was pure magic.

She sang All Too Well from the piano, captivating viewers in the same fashion that Alicia Keys routinely does. It was impressive sign that Swift is far more than just a pop star.

Best Beatles line

An early nominee for best line at Grammy night 2014 came courtesy of Steve Coogan.

The great British comedian, who starred in the fantastic music film 24 Hour Party People, was talking to the crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles about Beatles Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney – who many suspect will perform together at some point in the show.

“The Grammys had the choice of reuniting two of the Beatles or all of the Jonas Brothers,” Coogan said. “That was a tough one.” – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services