The actors may be working on different projects next year.

two Hollywood superstars – Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves – have stepped back from the remakes of The Magnificent Seven and Point Break.

According to, Cruise is no longer attached to the project that was designed to remake the classic Western, a project he had been involved with since May 2012. However, MGM is still planning on producing a more modern version of The Magnificent Seven, released in 1960. The Hollywood studio has asked John Lee Hancock to work on a new script.

Reeves, meanwhile, has detached himself from a newer version of Point Break, the 1991 film that contributed to his international fame. The late Patrick Swayze co-starred with Reeves in Point Break.

In an interview with the BBC, the 47 Ronin star wished the new Point Break production well, even though he confirmed that he would not be participating in it.

The new Point Break project is set to follow the original script with an embedded FBI agent in a gang of bank robbers who are fans of extreme sports. — Reuters