TAURIEL is a character invented for the film by director Peter Jackson and his co-writers, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh. Evangeline Lilly’s Elf warrior is the Captain to the guards protecting the King of Elves.

Although she doesn’t appear in the book, her character is created in the spirit of Tolkien’s book.

Despite having given up acting to become a full-time mother and writer, Lilly couldn’t resist the opportunity to be in The Hobbit since she’s been a fan from a young age.

Lilly said her character is a bit different than the elves the audience has seen so far as Tauriel is a wood elf.

The actress, best known for her work in TV series Lost, noted: “The Wood-elves are more deadly, and Tauriel is a warrior and an expert with daggers and a bow and arrow. She’s the head of the Silvan Guard, so she’s a pretty badass Elf, and is perhaps less wise than a lot of the older Elves.

“Even though she has a warmth and depth that comes from being so connected to the earth, she also happens to be very skilled at her craft — and her craft is killing.”

To perfect Tauriel’s fighting skills, Lilly trained in martial arts and worked relentlessly on the complex action sequences. In the end, Tauriel’s fighting style comes off not too different from an old Chinese fighting style, which uses double daggers. Only this Elf mixes up the dagger with a bow and arrow.

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