EVERYONE’S favourite Elf in The Lord Of The Rings turns up in The Hobbit even though he doesn’t actually appear in Tolkien’s children’s book.

Well, why not have Legolas in the latest trilogy because, after all, he is the son of Thranduil and the latter plays an important role in this unexpected journey.

Also, elves are immortal, so the 60 years between the two stories don’t really matter.

For actor Orlando Bloom, once he got back to New Zealand for the shoot, he picked up Legolas’ action choreography and the Elvish language really quickly.

“It’s amazing to be back,” said the actor. “The Lord Of The Rings films were such a treasured experience for me, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to return to this world and this character. And, better yet, I got into my old costume when I came back, and it still fit!”

On a more serious note, he added: “We’re all conscious and respectful of fans of the book, and so I knew that Peter (Jackson), Fran (Walsh) and Philippa (Boyens) wouldn’t stray too far. What’s great about the story they’ve devised is that you see how he will go on to become the Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings.

“We also get an idea of where Legolas’ antipathy for Dwarves originates in this film. It creates a dynamic sense of history for the character.”

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