Is it possible to sleep in your own private “room” on board an airplane? Apparently yes, if you’re flying on Singapore Airlines’ latest airbus.

At Singapore Airlines’ new product launch held recently at Suntec City Singapore, over 100 international media members had the opportunity to preview the new and improved version of the world’s largest passenger aircraft: The Airbus A380.

Singapore Airlines is adding five units of the new A380, costing a total investment of US$850mil (RM3.5bil), to its current fleet of 18 A380s, with the first one arriving this month, and four more in 2018.

The aircraft, said to be environmentally friendly with improved fuel efficiency and less carbon emissions, as well as low noise, is scheduled to start commercial service on Dec 18, flying from Singapore to Sydney, Australia.

The A380 seats 471 in a four-class configuration: Six (First Class) Suites and 78 Business on the upper deck, and 44 Premium Economy and 343 Economy on the main deck, offering a more spacious and comfortable travel experience.


Singapore Airlines’ new A380 Business Class offers more space and comfort. Dividers in the centre aisle can be lowered and seats converted into a double-bed.

The airlines’ existing fleet will be progressively retrofitted from 2018 to 2020 for product consistency. Singapore Airlines’ A380 currently serves the following cities: London, Auckland, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Osaka, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, and Zurich.

Space made personal, experience the difference

According to Singapore Airlines chief executive officer Goh Choon Phong, the new A380 cabin offerings, themed “Space made personal, experience the difference”, bring luxury travel to a whole new level, with more space, more privacy, as well as elegant personal and intimate items for travellers.

“The new cabin products are the culmination of four years of work involving extensive customer research and close partnerships with our international designers and suppliers from France, Britain, Germany, and Japan,” said Goh.

After a spectacular unveiling ceremony, which included a multimedia presentation and the airline’s multi-talented flight crew singing the theme song, we had the opportunity to get a feel of the new cabin products.

(First-Class) Suites


Inside each Suite on Singapore Airlines new A380, is a luxurious leather chair and a full-flat bed.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the Suites are elegant, luxurious, and comfortable, and even resemble a posh hotel room. Inside each Suite is an extravagantly wide plush Poltrona Frau leather swivel armchair.

It is fully adjustable, using a user-friendly control panel, to various sitting and reclining positions.

But, you don’t have to sleep in the armchair (unless you want to!) because there’s also a standalone full-flat bed with plush mattress, two pillows, and a fluffy duvet, bearing specially crafted embroidery by French luxury brand Lalique. You’re even provided with monogrammed designer sleepwear, slippers, eyeshades, and socks for a comfortable and restful night.

When not in use, the flat bed can be stowed to create even more space for your yoga session on the comfortable designer carpet. Yes, there is actually enough space in your private cabin for that!

The Suites are arranged in a 1-1 configuration (three on either side of the upper deck) and, if you’re travelling as a couple, the centre dividers between the first two Suites on each side of the aisle can be lowered so that the flat beds are converted into a double-bed.

For privacy, each Suite comes with sliding doors and electronically adjustable roller blinds.

Other features inside the Suite include a full-sized personal wardrobe and smart luggage stowage.

There’s also a customised handbag compartment and leather-lined amenity box for jewellery, spectacles, and other personal items; adjustable reading and dining lights; feature wall with mood lighting; and a sleek 32-inch (81cm) adjustable HD touch-screen to view your favourite programmes.

The Suites are serviced by two stylishly furnished washrooms, one with a luxurious sit-down dressing table.



Business Class seats can easily be converted into a private office with height-adjustable table, well-positioned reading lights, laptop power supply and USB ports.

For the enterprising traveller, the Business Class offers perfect work-life balance with additional comfort and privacy, coupled with the necessary facilities to do your work while on board.

The cabin has a relaxing ambience. Seats are made of plush Poltrona Frau leather with a large back shell for more privacy, as well as padded interior for more comfort when reclining.

The seat is wide with a generous pitch (distance between the back of your seat and the seat in front, including legroom, depth of the seatback, cushions, and tray table). It also reclines into a full-flat bed and the dividers between the centre seats can be lowered to create double beds.

You’ll have a comfortable sleep with the padded bed sheets, blankets, as well as a larger pillow provided.

Seats are forward-facing in a 1-2-1 configuration. This offers passengers convenient access to the aisle without having to climb across another passenger’s seat. If you need to work, your seat can easily be converted into an office with height-adjustable table, intelligently-positioned reading lights, laptop power supply and USB ports.

Other features include an 18-inch (46cm) personal HD touch-screen to watch your favourite channel, smart stowage solutions, personal mirror and adjustable multi-position table for dining.

Premium Economy


Singapore Airlines new A380 Premium Economy Class offers full leather seats, with a calf-rest and foot-bar for each seat.

Passengers who desire value-for-money extra comfort and space when travelling can opt for the Premium Economy Class.

The cabin has a contemporary, stylish design, and the seats are full-leather with individual calf-rests and foot-bars. Each seat is wide with a generous pitch and recline for more comfort.

It also comes with an 13.3 inch (34cm) personal touch-screen monitor to watch your favourite shows, in-seat power supply, two USB ports, personal reading light, cocktail table, and additional stowage space for personal items like mobile device and water bottle.

The seats are arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration.



The Economy Class offers value-for-money comfort and personal space.

The Economy Class offers value-for-money seats with intelligent features and elegant finishes.

The fabric seats have a classy and contemporary design, and come with more back support, as well as more legroom with an adjustable footrest for maximum comfort.

They even have a six-way adjustable headrest with side wings for better head and neck support, so you no longer need to carry around a neck pillow!

It also comes with smart stowage solutions such as coat hook and compartment, adjustable personal reading light, 11.1 inch (28cm) personal touch-screen monitor for your entertainment needs, in-seat power supply, and USB charging port. The seats are in a 3-4-3 configuration.