Heads up wannabe surfers! If you want to learn how to ride the waves without wiping out your bank account, a new ranking suggests heading to Ecuador, which offers the most affordable surfing lessons in the world.

According to The Surf Lesson Price Index, Ecuador is the cheapest destination for amateur surfers wanting to amp up their game on the cheap, with the average surf lesson clocking in at US$22 (RM94.10).

At the other end of the spectrum, with a price difference of more than US$100 (RM428), is Norway, where the average surf lesson will cost students an eye-watering US$128 (RM547).

Elsewhere on the ranking, Australia, an undisputed capital of surfing, landed in 19th spot for averaging US$49 (RM210) a lesson, while another surfing capital, the US, came in second to last at US$85 (RM364) a lesson.

For the index, tech travel company Surfholidays.com analysed surf lesson booking data from 1,250 surf schools around the world. The list ranks 30 destinations.

Predictably, the cheapest destinations are found in less developed seaside countries such as India, the Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, and Sri Lanka, which all cracked the top 10 list.

Top 10 affordable countries for surf lessons

1. Ecuador US$22 (RM94)
2. South Africa US$23 (RM98)
3. India US$24 (RM102)
4. Argentina US$25 (RM107)
5. Philippines US$26 (RM111)
6. Peru US$29 (RM124)
7. Jamaica US$31 (RM132)
8. Chile US$34 (RM145)
9. Ireland US$37 (RM158)
10. Sri Lanka US$38 (RM162)

Top 5 most expensive destinations

1. Norway US$128 (RM547)
2. US US$85 (RM363)
3. Puerto Rico US$80 (RM342)
4. Barbados US$77 (RM329)
5. China US$72 (RM308)

– AFP Relaxnews