For some cities, the corresponding emoji is an obvious match – New York City is represented by the Statue of Liberty; Las Vegas is a slot machine; Tokyo gets sushi; and Toronto is fronted by the maple leaf.

But others are more controversial as Kayak, the travel-search engine has found out.

Which city gets the honour of being matched to pizza, baseball, or beer for example?

To settle the disputes, travellers were invited to vote for the next 15 emoji-city combinations which include everything from coffee to skiing, surfing, tacos, hockey and unicorns.

So far, the contenders for claiming the beer emoji include Munich, Dublin, Denver and Milwaukee, while Kayak has narrowed the field for best pizza city to Naples, New Haven, New York and Chicago.

And as for the mythical unicorn, Kayak thinks that emoji can be matched to one of these four cities – San Francisco, Glasgow, Reykjavik, and Seattle, Washington.

The winning combinations will be revealed on July 17, World Emoji Day.

For travellers who make sport out of bragging about their holidays on Facebook and Instagram, there’s also the Travelmoji app, an archive of 100-travel-themed emojis for beach and city vacations. – AFP Relaxnews