Malaysians have come to accept that there’s only one season in Malaysia – forever summer. Well, the cheeky ones might say we have the shopping and haze “seasons” as well.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy summer (minus the heat) in other countries. Surprisingly, even the ang moh (white people) and other international citizens look for cooler climes for their summer vacation, according to travel site Hundredrooms.

The holiday rental search engine has chosen some of the coolest locations on the planet for the summer of 2017 where the temperatures barely climb to 20°C.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a viable option for a summer holiday where the temperatures remain cool. With temperatures struggling to reach above 20°C, it is perfect for those who don’t have space for shorts in their suitcases. A spectacular sight that’s not to be missed is Table Mountain, the flat-topped mountain, from where you can experience one of the world’s most iconic views. The adventurous ones can revel in activities such as hiking, biking, whale-watching and shark-diving.


Cape Town is perfect for those who dont have space for shorts in their suitcases. Photo: Hundredrooms

Reykjavik, Iceland

It’s an Instagram-worthy place, what with it’s colourful miniature houses and sparkling seas. Reykjavik is the summer getaway for holidaymakers who are not ready to put away their winter woolies. Hats and gloves are probably necessary as temperatures barely reach a high of 15°C. The creativity of the natives is refreshing. And in the wild nightlife, alcohol is one of the ways to keep warm. Venture out of the capital, though, and the countryside wows with fresh air, rocky seas and snow-capped mountains.

Reykjavik is a fantastic summer getaway for those who are not ready to put away their winter woolies. Photo: Hundredrooms

Tromso, Norway

The small town of Tromso’s (400km north of the Arctic Circle at 69°N) claim to fame is being the gateway to the Arctic. That doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of its own identity. Long known as a seal-hunting town and launch pad for Arctic expeditions, Tromso today has also built a reputation as one of the most places to watch the mesmerising Northern Lights. As is expected of many Northern towns, the nightlife here is lively; Tromso prides itself for having more pubs per capita than any other Norwegian town.

Tromso is often referred to as the gateway to the Arctic. Photo: Hundredrooms

Santiago, Chile

Lonely Planet has named it a top destination several times – and it’s not hard to see why. The energetic street scene and hip city vibes make it a venue that buzzes with activity. Explore the city on foot, and be wowed by the specialities and traditions distinct to each neighbourhood. Cultural experiences are aplenty – and so are the museums, markets and points of interest! Temperatures can reach a comfortable 22°C during summer.

Perpetually buzzing Santiago is frequently recognised as a world-class tourist destination. Photo: Hundredrooms

Timberline, the United States

A mecca for skiing, Timberline’s frigid landscape means it’s possible to indulge in the sport just about all year round. Located in the state of Oregon, it’s renowned for offering the longest ski season in North America. Timberline is a favourite with many Olympic athletes and if you ask nicely, we’re sure you’d get a selfie.

Timberline is a perfect location for anyone looking for some summer snowsport fun. Photo: Hundredrooms

Nuuk, Greenland

Here’s geography 101: Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland as well as its largest town. Granted, it’s not the most scenic place in the world. But hey, being framed by a panoramic backdrop of mountains mean it’s a pretty wonderful place for some rest and relaxation. Ilulissat Ice-fjord and Uunartoq Hot Springs are the must-see places during the summer. Also not to be missed are the Northern Lights, dog-sledding in Disko Bay and whale-watching.

Nuuk is framed by a spectacular panoramic backdrop of mountains. Photo: Hundredrooms

Aviemore, Scotland

In the centre of a vast mountainous range is where you will find Aviemore. As the gateway to the spectacular Cairngorm National Park, you can bet on Aviemore being a popular haunt for outdoor and nature lovers. Its surrounding areas attract cyclists, hikers, fishers and watersport enthusiasts. But for those who prefer some peace and quiet, the Green Lochan is the place to be. Here’s where you will find a beautiful loch with bright green water. Legend has it that it’s green because pixies used to wash their clothes here! Magical laundry service, anyone?

During the summer, Aviemore and the surrounding areas are extremely popular with cyclists, hikers, fishers and watersport enthusiasts. Photo: Hundredrooms

Patagonia, Chile

Glittering glaciers and rugged mountains are what Patagonia’s all about. Nature lovers will absolutely revel in its barren but beautiful landscape. Home to many breathtaking sites, here’s where you can find long winding rivers and jagged peaks, among other beautiful outdoor sights. The anthropology enthusiast will surely delight over the many cultural exhibits that are offered here.

Patagonia is home to glittering glaciers and rugged mountains. Photo: Hundredrooms