Want to explore our planet but don’t have the time or the moolah to do so at the moment? Why not then just sit back and relax and let Google Earth take you on a virtual tour of the Big Blue Marble in space.

With it’s new interactive interface and new offerings, you might find your butt planted on your sofa for quite some time and get lost in many wonderful “journeys”. Not only do you get fantastic visuals but they top it up with Knowledge Cards with quite little notes of interest about that particular point of interest. And you get to do it all in 3D!

Rio de Janeiro is probably a dream destination for many Malaysians but logistically and monetarily it might be a problem. So why not use the Explore Rio de Janeiro category and there are a few options that go with it.

Google Earth.

Next stop Rio de Janeiro. No need to buckle up unless you suffer from vertigo.

You can also roll the dice and let it choose where Google Earth takes you on our exploration. Exciting yes?

Google Earth.

Google Earth takes you on some mystery journeys. Where is the mountain range?

Do you like history? I got a kick out of the Unesco World Heritage Sites option. The Great Pyramid of Giza immediately got my attention.

Google Earth.

Ancient Egypt opens up to you via Google Earth.

Some works of art because of their scale can only be best enjoyed and appreciated from above. So the category of Land Art from Above would be perfect for that.

Google Earth.

The only way to appreciate this art installation fully is from the air and Google Earth facilitates that for you.

P.S. Have a nice snack with you because you won’t be getting off that couch. Are you ready to check it out?