Many people want to be part of a movie, even if it is to do so vicariously. Thanks to the obsession with Hollywood and the Oscars, searches for destinations linked closely with this year’s Oscar-nominated movies. has reported an increase in searches from across the globe to the destinations where the critically acclaimed movies La La Land, Jackie, Manchester by the Sea and Lion are set. They received the lion share of the interest, pardon the pun.

The smash hit La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and eventual Best Actress winner Emma Stone saw the search for Los Angeles (where the film is set) hotels up by 20%. Maybe that fact might keep the producers and cast of the movie happy after the bungle in broad “moonlight” saw their Oscar for Best Film being taken away. That and the fact that the film matched the nomination record of Titanic of 14 !

Washington, DC, the political hub of the United States, has also enjoyed a nearly 30% increase in interest, following Natalie Portman’s knock-out portrayal of the former First Lady in Jackie and the re-invigorated interest in one of America’s most progressive presidents – that’s JFK not the one currently occupying the seat.


The critically acclaimed Manchester by the Sea, featuring Casey Affleck (who won for Best Actor) and Michelle Williams, was nominated for five Academy Awards and has taken the world by storm, with approximately 35% more holiday makers considering a trip to Boston and the beautiful coastal towns this stunning movie captures.

Less-travelled international destinations are benefiting from the Oscar’s effect too. There has been a whopping increase of nearly 70% in searches globally for hotels in the bustling city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, since the nomination of the film Lion.

Perhaps you might be heading to one of these destinations to star in a travelogue of your own making?