Ready for some romance or hoping to spark off one? British Airways has hand-picked the top five love-inspired buildings from around Europe and North America, for travellers from Malaysia who are looking for a romantic destination for Valentine’s Day.

1. Boldt Castle, New York, United States

Valentine's Day.

Boldt Castle…picture perfect and primed for romance. Photo: British Airways

Located on Heart Island near Alexandria Bay, New York, Boldt Castle was built by George Boldt as a Valentine’s present to his wife, Louise. Unfortunately, Louise died unexpectedly and the castle was never completed. Seventy-three years later, the local authority acquired and restored the castle to the state it was in when construction was halted. The castle today consists of a yacht house, a drawbridge, the Alster tower and a powerhouse, and is a major tourist destination in the Thousand Islands region. Bring your loved ones on a tour of the luxurious castle as well as a museum dedicated to the lives of George and Louise Boldt.

2. Leeds Castle, Kent, England

Valentine's Day.

Aerial view of Leeds Castle. Photo: SNAP/British Airways

Dating back to 1119, the Leeds Castle located in the valley of the River Len in Kent is considered “the loveliest castle in the world.” Surrounded by 202.34ha of parkland and gardens, the castle’s beautiful landscape makes it an undeniable perfect romantic destination. The castle was a Norman stronghold but subsequently became the private property of six of England’s medieval queens as gifts from their respective kings. Those who visit Leeds Castle on Valentine’s Day can even prebook a candlelit dinner at the castle, certainly one of most romantic gestures for the love of your life.

3. Mirabell Palace and Gardens, Salzburg, Austria

Valentine's Day.

Hear the Sound of Music at Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Photo: British Airways

You might recognise this place from the legendary romantic family movie The Sound of Music. Located in the heart of the city of Salzburg, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens were built by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau as a palace for him and his mistress Salome Alt. Today, the Mirabell Palace and its gardens are a listed cultural heritage and an Unesco World Heritage Site. The beautiful Marble Hall is a popular location for weddings.

4. Sweetheart Abbey, Dumfries, Scotland

Valentine's Day.

The beautiful Sweetheart Abbey in Scotland. Photo: Visit Scotland/British Airways

The abbey was founded by Dervorguilla of Galloway in memory of her husband Baron John de Balliol. She named the abbey Dulce Cor (Latin for Sweet Heart). So in love was she with her husband that, after his passing, she kept his embalmed heart with her for the rest of her life. The heart was buried alongside her when she died. Romantic but morbid. Sweetheart Abbey is located in the beautiful village of New Abbey, south of Dumfries and near to Nith in south-west Scotland.

5. Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

Valentine's Day.

Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s greatest historical monuments.Photo: British Airways/Wayne Barrett & Anne MacKay

Casa Loma was built by Sir Henry Pellatt for his bride-to-be. It was regarded as Toronto’s Camelot as it surpassed many a private home in North America. Today, Casa Loma is a top tourist destination, its unique architecture making it a perfect backdrop for special occasions. Couples can experience a truly unique Valentine’s Day by joining Casa Loma’s popular special Archery Workshop, which is only available to couples during this romantic time every year.