At the recent Arab Travel Market 2018, an international travel and tourism event, Tourism Selangor featured its #DiscoverSelangor #TakeMeAnywhere campaign. The event was held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Tourism Selangor general manager Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din said, “One of our objectives in Dubai is to promote Selangor as a top tourist destination as well as strengthen marketing and promotional activities for business travel to Malaysia.”

She added that Tourism Selangor’s target for 2018 is 400,000 visitors from the Middle East, an increase from the previous 360,749 visitors from the kingdom.

Informative interactive travel directory

A book titled Selangor Arabic Tourist Handy Book 2018 was also launched at the event. The informative interactive travel directory, published in Arabic, enables Middle Eastern travellers to easily find information on tourist destinations in Selangor.

Tourism Selangor returned to the international travel fair this year with tourism players such as Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, and Palace of Golden Horses, to promote the state’s latest attractions and destinations for shopping, family fun, eco adventure, golf, honeymoons, and luxury holidays.


Selangor offers many fun things to do, including outdoor activities like paragliding in Jugra.

Indigenous Art Festival 

The Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival 2018, which will take place in August, was also promoted there.

This year, Kuala Langat District Council and Hulu Selangor District Council’s flagship eco-adventures tourism products were also marketed at the travel fair. These products include paragliding, white water rafting and bird watching.

Selangor has set a target of 7.5 million tourist arrivals for this year. Tourism Selangor’s efforts are also geared towards increasing the tourists’ length of stay and expenditure.

Data indicates that as far as the West Asian market is concerned, Saudi Arabia was among the trendsetters last year. The Saudis recorded an average length of stay of 10.8 nights and expenditure of RM8,500 in terms of average per capita expenditure.


Another popular outdoor activity available in Selangor is white water rafting in Kuala Kubu Bharu.