Global travel community Airbnb recently launched over 40 “insider experiences” for travellers to Kuala Lumpur.

According to Airbnb’s head of trips for South-East Asia and India, Sriram Vaidhya, Malaysia is an increasingly popular tourist destination, with 1.5 million inbound guest arrivals and a 137% year-over-year growth the past year for the global portal.

So, it’s fitting that its capital city now joins 60 destinations around the world where Airbnb goes beyond home sharing, to offering specialised tours and activities by locals.

Travellers will get to go to interesting places, see sights and experience activities that a regular tourist wouldn’t have access to.

Insider’s view of the city

Airbnb’s “Experiences” are specially-designed local activities led by local experts. They will share the insider’s view of their city with curious travellers. Some of the insider experiences include: Live a day in the life of a batik painter and learn how to craft your own batik masterpiece; Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to a jungle with hidden waterfalls and; Learn to tap rubber at one of the few remaining plantations.

Enterprising Malaysians now have the opportunity to share their passions and interests with travellers from all over the world with the platform.

Kuala Lumpur

With Airbnb Experiences, you can experience a day in the life of a batik painter and learn how to craft your own masterpiece.

Giving back to the community

They can also use it to give back to the community by hosting “Social Impact Experiences”. Local hosts have the chance to share good causes they are passionate about.

For these social impact experiences, Airbnb waives all fees, and 100% of the funds collected from guests are donated to charitable organisations selected by the local hosts.

Some of these activities include Dapur Jalanan, a volunteer-based soup kitchen which offers free meals to the homeless, and also an immersion session with the deaf community, by learning sign-language and joining the DeafBeat drum troop.

According to Vaidhya, today’s traveller wants more. They seek alternative adventures, from unique accommodations to enjoying their destination through the eyes of a local.

“Airbnb Experiences also provides more economic opportunities for locals to monetise their passions and talents, as well as to contribute back to the community,” he said.