Non-stop flights may be convenient as a travel option as it cuts out the need for multiple connection flights and stopovers.

However, long-haul flights that go beyond ten hours can be quite challenging.

Hours sitting in a confined space can be challenging as you switch from being restless to being incredibly bored.

Keeping in mind the rules different airlines have when it comes to carry-on items, here are some ideas on how to survive a long flight.

– Board the plane early to make sure you get stowage space for your cabin baggage.

– Pack your phone or tablet with meditation apps, games, podcasts, e-reads, movies and music to keep yourself entertained
(check with your airline to see if electronic items such as laptops or tablets are allowed onboard).

Board early to get a good spot for your bag.

– Don’t forget your portable charger to power up your devices.

– Use the downtime to create a mini-spa, with face masks and pampering treatments.

– Pack wisely: eye mask, noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs and travel pillow.

– Avoid lace-up shoes or boots, and opt for slip-on shoes instead for those trips to the toilet.

– Bring wet wipes and plenty of travel tissues.

– Contact lens wearers may want to consider wearing glasses to avoid hassles.

A good time to binge watch your favourite shows.

– Stock a toiletry bag with preemptive supplies: eye drops, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, facial mist and moisturiser (keeping in mind the amount of liquid you are allowed to bring).

– Pack a blanket shawl or a thin sweater to ward off cool cabin air.

– Consider investing in compression socks to avert possible deep vein thrombosis, but also to avoid swelling and fatigue.

– Bring (sneak in) extra snacks and an extra bottle (or two) of water to stay hydrated.

– Avoid sitting in the back of the plane which is noisier and bumpier.

– AFP Relaxnews