Has the fervour over the hit television series Game of Thrones (GoT) spurred Malaysians to travel to destinations associated with the series? Apparently so!

Expedia has looked at the bookings for the travel period of June to August 2017 and compared it to last year’s figures and have come to this conclusion – Malaysian travellers show the keenest interest in the world to travel to Croatia, second only to Singaporeans.

The demand for Croatia from these two countries is up 200% and 300% respectively for this summer, compared to the same period last year.

Dubrovnik, especially, is becoming a magnet. It is known for its refined Mediterranean culture, friendly locals, fine cuisine, ancient monasteries and medieval architecture. And the fact that it is GoT filming site has magnified interest in this relatively new destination for Malaysians.

Malaysian GoT enthusiasts now can enjoy this labyrinthine city on the sea, a tour of GoT filming sites and partake in best of both worlds – the fantasy and the equally beautiful reality.

“The less explored locations in Europe are becoming top destinations and when looking for the best deals, Malaysians are smart to conserve their funds by bundling their flight and hotel together when booking for a trip, saving up to 30% on the combined cost”, noted Simon Fiquet, Expedia Group general manager for Southeast Asia and India, Simon Fiquet.

Value-conscious travellers from Malaysia might be happy to know that flying to Croatia is cheaper this summer compared to the same period last year, with flights to the capital, Zagreb at nearly 25% less expensive.

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