With Instagram shots featuring Sean Lee’s perfectly coiffed pompadour and cool street style, you’d think his travel must-haves would be an array of hair products and chic clothes. But it is a pair of special underwear that the actor and social media personality can’t do without.

“I always have to pack my favourite Batman boxers – to wear at least at bedtime,” he cheekily offers via e-mail. “It might sound weird, but it’s kind of like my bantal busuk.”

On hindsight, that answer is to be expected from a guy who counts “bring more clothes” as the worst travel advice he has received. But the 22-year-old is quick to add that his reservation about that particular tip is due to pragmatic reasons.

“Always pack things that are easy to pair, so you don’t have to bring every outfit you own, and you’ll have more room for clothes that you might buy during your trip,” he says.

The Subang Jaya homeboy’s hobby of posting videos on YouTube while he was in college soon landed him in television commercials. His mainstream break came in 2015 with the prime-time drama Keluarga Pontimau.

Lee tells Star2.com more about using social media during his travels and how he keeps his holiday budget in check.

What’s the strangest travel souvenir you have ever received?

A friend of mine had travelled to Bali in Indonesia, and told me he got me something really special and I was expecting a Chang Beer singlet or something like that. I ended up getting a phallic-shaped bottle opener. I’ve only used it once (laughs).

All smiles after picking fresh strawberries at the Guam Farm Stay Village in South Korea.

All smiles after picking fresh strawberries at the Guam Farm Stay Village in South Korea.

How would you define the perfect holiday?

Maximum relaxation without having to walk everywhere (laughs). You don’t always have to see as many things as possible in order to fully enjoy a travel destination. Sometimes being caught up in checking everything off your list can make the holiday stressful. Holidays are meant to be relaxing.

What do you look for when booking a holiday?

I always want to go somewhere relaxing. So I try to look for a destination with a serene and picturesque environment so that I can focus on really experiencing the beauty of that destination, without having to worry about any distractions.

The actor spent a couple of hours dressing up in traditional Korean hanboks at Otgol Village in South Korea.

The actor spent a couple of hours dressing up in traditional Korean hanboks at Otgol Village in South Korea.

What’s your favourite destination?

It is definitely South Korea – Daegu, to be specific. It’s a lot like Seoul but it’s got less of the hustle and bustle of a major city. It has a nice balance of modern and traditional in its culture and architecture as well.

For some young people, travelling sometimes takes a backseat due to financial constraints. What do you do, or what can be done, to keep one’s budget in check?

Local food is always cheaper and there’s no problem staying in an Airbnb or a budget hotel. Sometimes staying in a place that you’re not entirely used to – and like showering with a bucket or sleeping on someone else’s couch – could probably add to the travel experience.

In what ways do you think social media adds to the travel experience these days?

I like to update my family, friends and fans on my Snapchat story about my trip –it’s kind of like a visual diary log of my daily adventures – and of course post a few artsy-fartsy photos on Instagram.

If there’s any place in the world that you would like to move to and settle down in, where would that be?

I would say Iceland, because of its scenic landscapes and peaceful lifestyle. At least that’s what I got from watching The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (laughs).

An excited Sean Lee at Universal Studios in Singapore.

If you could relive five minutes of any of your trips, what moment would that be?

I would love to relive the moment I visited Apsan Park in Daegu. When you enter the park, you first take a cable car ride and then go on a short hike through the forest to reach the observatory. The view from the top of the park is breathtaking, as you can see the whole of Daegu city!

Complete the following sentence: If I sat next to an annoying passenger on a 12-hour flight, I would…

Pull out my camera, start filming him and see if I can out-annoy him. That’s what Youtubers do, because it’s great content.