On average, travellers from Hong Kong book their vacation 42 days before they leave, according to a study by the Agoda accommodation reservation website. It ranked nationalities according to how early they planned their next vacation, based on millions of bookings made in 2015.

The study showed that on average, travellers book their accommodation 24 days before departure. But there were differences between countries. For example, Asians tended to plan far ahead. Hong Kongers had made their bookings 42 days before check-in and the Taiwanese were 40 days ahead.

The Australians and Russians behaved in a similar way. They reserve their accommodation 40 days ahead of time. Europeans are generally close to average the Swedes have their trip organised 38 days they leave, the British 34 days and the Spanish 25 days.

In contrast, people from the United Arab Emirates are the least hurried. They wait only 12 days before departure to book their accommodation. Edging ahead of them are the Indonesians with 15 days, and the Saudis with 17. – AFP Relaxnews