Ramadan is a great time to spend quality time with the family. For travellers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia happens to be one of the popular destinations.

The places that tourists from Saudi Arabia flocked to include the capital, Kuala Lumpur, inviting Penang and the family resort of Genting Highlands. As for those from the UAE, KL, Genting Highlands and island resorts are the preferred destinations.

According to travel search site Wego.com, the aforementioned venues are popular due to their family-friendly qualities.

Wego managing director (Middle East, North Africa and India) Mamoun Hmedan said the destination provide unique getaways that everyone in the family can enjoy.

“Many of the accommodation options at these destinations also cater to large families, with sofa bed and connecting room options to suit large family groups,” he added.

While other places triumph over Malaysia’s popularity ranking, the country has its redeeming qualities too. The shopping and dining options in KL, according to Hmedan, makes the capital appealing. Meanwhile, the family attractions in Genting Highlands and island resorts are a big draw.

Hmedan said the relevant tourism parties have to make necessary upgrades to capitalise on the influx of Saudi Arabian and UAE tourists.

““For destinations and hotels to appeal to this extremely large travel segment, they need to be able to accommodate large groups comfortably.

“Many destinations are appealing to this lucrative market by including a variety of additional options and packages, such as complimentary kids meals, extra beds, activities and group transfers, to entice family travellers,” he concluded.

Top 10 family destinations for Saudi Arabia tourists

1. Istanbul, Turkey
2. Dubai, UAE
3. Jakarta, Indonesia
4. Cairo, Egypt
5. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
6. Kuala Lumpur
7. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
8. Trabzon, Turkey
9. Dammam, Saudi Arabia
10. Casablanca, Morocco

Top 10 family destinations for UAE tourists

1. Cairo
2. Istanbul
3. Jeddah
4. Amman, Jordan
5. Bangkok, Thailand
6. Dubai
7. Munich, Germany
8. Kuala Lumpur
9. Tbilisi, Georgia
10. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Ramadan destinations.

– Chester Chin