Here are some runs which I believe can appeal to a wide group of runners from regulars to newbies.

1 Comeback Full Marathon (42km/21km/10km/5km/3km/1km): Malaysia’s highest-rated running event, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) was cancelled in October because of the haze.

This year, SCKLM is returning on Aug 7, and to make up for last year’s non-starter, we can expect their best performance to celebrate their eighth anniversary. For more information, visit

2 Penang Ultra 100 (100km/84km/50km): In its third year, the ultramarathon on Sept 17 and 18 promises a gruelling yet rewarding route around beautiful Penang island. See:

3 Trifecta Run (21km/12km): The next two editions of these night runs will be held in Putrajaya on July 30 and in Johor on Jan 7, 2017. Visit

4 Semenyih Eco Trail Run (16km/7km): If you like trail running and nature, this event on Aug 14 offers a delightful route through forests, plantations and river crossings. More info at:

5 Petaling Jaya Half Marathon (21km/10km/7km/3km): One community run I like is this one. It’s co-organised by the PJ City Council and will be held on Aug 21. It’s a great gathering for Klang Valley runners from the elite to the casual levels. There is even a special wheelchair category. See

6 Twitterthon (5km): Are you the type who loves taking selfies while running? Then, the Twitterthon, scheduled for May 15 at the Perdana Lake Gardens in KL, is made for you. This fun run is all about running, tweeting and trending. Organised by Malaysia Social Media Chambers, it encourages participants to take photos at the various action booths along the short course in order to win more prizes other than the attractive event T-shirt, medal and goody bags. Visit

7 The BOH Eco Trail (8km): Fancy a cuppa as you run? Did you know that there is a BOH tea plantation at Bukit Cheeding, Banting, Selangor? The BOH Eco Trail on May 28 will give runners a rare opportunity to run inside their private estate, as well as within parts of the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve. An added incentive will be the frothy hot cups of teh tarik waiting for you at every water station. See

8 Spartan Race Malaysia (19km): Obstacle races are a growing craze in Malaysia. One of the best known is the Spartan Race which will happen on Oct 9. This beastly course will have you jumping over and climbing up obstacles, carrying pails of sand and crawling through mud for a helluva workout. Visit

9 Virtual Run (50km to 170km): If you cannot commit your time in advance to join runs, or if you are unavailable on weekends (when all the running events are held), then the Virtual Run Monthly Challenge is designed for you. Every month, event company IH Events will organise a different Virtual Run Challenge whereby registered runners can run anywhere and anytime at their convenience, as long as the prefixed total distance is met in that month. In the end, the successful runner will receive a specially designed medal and T-shirt in the post for their efforts. See

10 Group Run (5km/7km): KLCC Runners Group is a 1,500-strong group of novice and regular runners who enjoy the fitness and social aspects of running together. All runs are free of charge. Go to – Gus Ghani