Share how you turned from being a couch potato to a mountain climber. There are prizes to be won.

A cancer survivor who discovers a renewed zest for life when she takes up hiking – this, and other stories, have reached us since we launched our Star2 Adventure Challenge early last month.

To recap, we’re asking you to share stories of how you’ve transformed from a couch potato to a mountain climber! If you, or your kids, thought that the only places where Malaysians go walking is in shopping malls, especially in frenzied pre-GST shopping, maybe it’s time to experience the beauty of Malaysia’s great outdoors.

We welcome stories (and pictures) of you doing jungle-trekking and mountain-climbing. How did you feel taking up hiking? Why did you decide to start getting active?

We’re running this edition of the #Star2Challenge (there are other challenges, like not using shampoo for a month!) until the end of this month.

Some of you have sent us stories of hiking in Nepal. Thanks for the enthusiasm but we’re looking mainly for tales of you conquering Malaysian peaks (though you can also talk a bit of your overseas adventures).

The best entries will win prizes of hiking equipment from Explorer Outfitter, an adventure goods and clothing retailer based in Publika mall, Kuala Lumpur.

The first prize is a 50-litre backpack (retailing at RM349), a pair of walking poles (RM238), a water resistant 160 lumen headlight (RM99) and a pair of sunglasses (RM89). The total worth is RM775.

There are also 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes up for grabs. In addition, your stories and photos will be treated as contributions to The Star, which we normally pay for.

We prefer that you keep your stories to below 800 words in length. Send your words and pictures to us at

Star slouches

To show that we’re walking our own talk, we at Star2 have also rustled up an in-house team of couch potatoes who will climb up Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan.

To train ourselves for the steep trail to the peak (altitude: 884m), we’ve been doing some hiking and gym work.

But not all of us can spare the time for that. So the next best thing is to use what we have on hand: the 18 floors of Menara Star, our newspaper’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya. Some of us have walked up – and down – the whole building, and it’s fascinating what an office can do for your health and fitness!

Read the Stairs of torture to find out how one of our team members survived.

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