If you want something out of the ordinary and not your usual scenic spot, these are some of the places to head to.

GAME for some unusual attractions? Love to be challenged by something out of the norm?

Watching a glorious sunset can be appealing but after a while a sunset is a sunset, right? If not for your captions, you probably can’t tell where or when you saw one while looking through your travel pictures.

But if it’s something that jumps out of the pages, sticks to your mind you would be hard put to forget it. Here’s a list from TripAdvisor on some of those attractions in no particular order.

Comments are from TripAdvisor travellers.

Lombard Street, California, United States

The street was designed with eight hairpin turns in 1922 to assist vehicles in managing the steep gradient. Photo: TripAdvisor

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

The show was pretty much as if they combined every Japanese cartoon and made a live show out of it. Photo: TripAdvisor

Diggerland, Strood, England

This place has real diggers… cleverly altered so that young children can also operate them easily. Photo: TripAdvisor

Bata Shoe Museum, Ontario, Canada

Who would want to see a museum about shoes??? I was totally surprised about how terrific this was. Photo: TripAdvisor

Carhenge, Nebraska, United States

Karni Mata Temple, Deshnoke, India

20,000-odd rats call this temple home…people travel great distances to pay their respects. Photo: TripAdvisor

Gnome Reserve, West Putford, England

Quirky little place… an innocent retreat in an ever growing computerised world. Photo: TripAdvisor

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

This is a large roller coaster like staircase that you can climb… makes for some great pictures. Photo: TripAdvisor

International UFO Museum, New Mexico, United States

Had a blast reading and seeing pictures I truly believe. Photo: TripAdvisor

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers, North Carolina, United States

This is an awesome site to behold. If you are into kitsch this is the place to go. Photo: TripAdvisor